Nanto Yaya is a secondary protagonist in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Kuwatani Natsuko.


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Yaya is Konohana Hikari's roommate. She is a somewhat forceful girl who also seems to look out for Hikari, who she is in love with. She often has to force herself to smile as she helps Hikari get closer to Amane, and could only watch them from afar. So far, she has tried to become closer with Hikari, but due to Hikari's interest in Amane, Yaya is always shot down. This tends to make Yaya very depressed and reserved, causing her to avoid human contact for a time.

She also has a rebellious side, sometimes going against school rules or what is normally accepted. She tends to be very outspoken and enjoys criticizing other students she dislikes. However, when it comes to matters of love, she seems to be very shy about her feelings, substituting words with actions, sometimes with adverse results. Especially when Hikari talks about her feelings for Amane in front of her. She loves to tease people. Also, she rather dislikes first year students — such as Okuwaka Tsubomi — because they are noisy and annoying; at least for a time. It is implied that she starts thinking more of Tsubomi at the very end of the series.


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Konohana Hikari Yaya is good friends with Hikari though they've only known each other for about a year when the story begins. Yaya got Hikari to join St. Spica's Choir the previous year, most likely in an attempt to give her more self-esteem which she seemed to be lacking in, the success partially due to Hikari's interest in singing as well. Yaya is one of the most talented members of the choir, as noted by Tsubomi Okuwaka, though she seems to need more dedication, as noted by Hikari.


Nanto Yaya character sheet


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