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Tsubomi Okuwaka is a secondary character in the Strawberry Panic! seires. She is voiced by Nogawa Sakura.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Tsubomi is a first-year student who joins Spica at the same time as Aoi Nagisa is enrolled into Miator. She tends to act mature for her age and is often capable of cowing senior students by pure force of personality. She also seems to have a crush on Konohana Hikari, although she calls it pure admiration.

She often lectures Hikari and Nanto Yaya when they do something wrong in regards to their school work and responsibilities. She is a member of the St. Spica Choir along with Hikari and Yaya and it is believed that the reason she joined was because of Hikari, though Tsubomi denies this.

Background Edit

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Plot Edit

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Relationships Edit

Nanto Yaya Edit

There are some indications that Tsubomi may be in love with Yaya, later in the series. As vague as these indications are, it is uncertain whether the interest is of a purely friendly or a romantic nature. Tsubomi sometimes gets embarrassed when around Hikari due to either what Hikari says or of what others say. She tends to get angry or flustered easily, giving her an outspoken and very expressive personality. In effect, she can be loud in her opinions of others. In the light novels and manga, she is the secretary for the student council of Spica, it is unknown why this canon was removed from the anime adaptation.

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