The Sisters' Promise is the second chapter of the first volume and the second chapter overall in the Strawberry Panic! manga. It was written by Sakurako Kimino and illustrated by Namuchi Takumi.

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Shizuma Hanazono visits Nagisa Aoi's classroom to assist the student in charge of getting the holy water for Easter. The nun in charge says it's Nagisa's turn. As Shizuma and Nagisa recognize each other, Nagisa remembers the first time they met. After looking into each other's eyes, Shizuma kisses Nagisa on her forehead shocking the rest of the students. Nagisa and Shizuma hastily make their getaway. After chatting for a bit, Shizuma tells Nagisa that, at St. Miator Girls' Academy, the younger students call the older students "oneesama." Shizuma asks Nagisa to call her that, and also declares Nagisa as her younger sister. The two talk some more after that, with Shizuma saying that she'll take Nagisa to a place called "The Secret Garden."

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The nun of the fourth-year Moon Class wishes her students safety as they return home. She asks two students to play the organ for the class. As the music starts, the class starts singing Ave Maria. Nagisa thinks how cool the hymns are before realizing that she should probably be singing along. She begins flipping through the book in her hands while noting that she hasn't learned the song yet. Not knowing which page the song is on, she starts to flip through the book in an agitated manner. Tamao, who's been looking on at this display, comments on how cute Nagisa looks while frantic. She taps Nagisa on the shoulder and points out to her the next hymn they will be singing. Nagisa gratefully thanks Tamao before giggling a little.
Inhaling, Nagisa starts to sing a different hymn than the one the rest of the class are singing. She trails off when she notices this. Confused, she looks around as a few of her classmates show their disapproval. Tamao winks at her, causing Nagisa to lightly hit her and whine that she shouldn't trick her like that.

Tamao starts quivering, trying to hold back her laughter, noting how fun Nagisa is to tease. As Nagisa, tearfully returns back to the book of hymns, Tamao returns her gaze onto Nagisa. Tamao had thought that this year would be normal and peaceful, at least until Nagisa arrived. The thought that she's becoming a pervert startles Tamao out of her thoughts. This causes her to deny the possibility that she could ever be one while a confused Nagisa stares at her.

The door to the classroom opens, a voice saying hello. Surprised, the class starts talking all at once, welcoming Shizuma, asking what she's here for, and saying that today's their lucky day. Nagisa repeats Shizuma's name in puzzlement.

Shizuma apologizes for the disturbance, saying she came to assist the student in charge of getting the holy water. The sister in charge thanks Shizuma, commenting that the student will surely have an "eventful" time. Looking at a clipboard, the sister calls out Nagisa's name. A startled Tamao, who seems to be inching near Nagisa, and a surprised Nagisa look towards the front of the class, Nagisa asking if it's really her. Her classmates glare at her in jealousy, a fact Nagisa doesn't miss. Shizuma walks up to her, stopping in front of her and holding out a hand, saying to come with her. Nagisa remembers how she met Shizuma a week ago, going back to the moment where Shizuma lent her a hand.

Staring at Shizuma's hand, Nagisa wonders if she's supposed to grab it. She knows that Shizuma's offering to show her the way, but she feels as though she's being treated like a child. As Shizuma patiently gazes at her, Nagisa fidgets, knowing that they can't stay there for the rest of the day. After gathering up her courage, Nagisa roughly grabs Shizuma's hand with both of her own. Nagisa wonders why she did that and starts to panic a little about the awkward situation.

Meanwhile, Shizuma notices Nagisa's strong grasp. She remarks that none of the other girls she'd been with held her hand the way Nagisa was doing. They had always held her hand lightly, as though afraid to hurt or touch her. Nagisa worries over what she should do, while Shizuma starts to question what was happening to her body and why it was getting hot.

As Shizuma and Nagisa look at each, the flashback ends, returning to Nagisa already holding Shizuma's hand. At this point, Shizuma recognizes Nagisa, who is struggling for words. Shizuma asks Nagisa if she remembers who she is, to which Nagisa eagerly assures her that she does. After all, how could she forget someone who looks like a goddess? Shizuma thanks Nagisa for the compliment, saying that's she really sweet.

While this exchange is happening, Tamao looks on with confusion and surprise, wondering if they met each other before. She starts to become concerned with how the two of them are staring into the other's eyes. As Nagisa remarks upon Shizuma's beauty again and Shizuma notes Nagisa's adorable eyes, Tamao panics that this situation doesn't look good in the slightest.

At this point, Shizuma can't take it anymore and proceeds to kiss Nagisa on her forehead, emitting a surprised response from her. The class starts to cry out Shizuma's name in alarm. Shizuma instantly regrets her impulse, holding a dazed and confused Nagisa by the shoulders. Grabbing one of Nagisa's wrists, Shizuma dashes out of the classroom and down the hallway, leaving the classroom in wonder and bafflement. Tamao starts quivering with fake laughter, commenting on Shizuma's acting skills.

After running for a while, Nagisa complains that Shizuma is too fast for her. They soon stop, Shizuma hoping that they faked it well, Nagisa panting in the background. More confused now, Nagisa asks herself if something shocking really happened. To Shizuma, she comments on how loud the students' screams were and how Shizuma's actions surprised her. She notes how popular Shizuma seems to be, calling her "sempai" while doing so.

Shizuma gently accosts Nagisa for calling her that, informing her that it's a tradition at St. Miator for underclassmen to call their upperclassmen "oneesama." Trailing a finger up one of Nagisa's cheeks, she commands Nagisa to call her that. Nagisa tentatively grants Shizuma her request.

Leaning in a bit, Shizuma compliments Nagisa on her smooth skin, saying that she's jealous. Nagisa hurriedly returns the compliment, noting Shizuma's porcelain-like features. Asking if she'd like to touch it, she grabs one of Nagisa's hands. She places it on her own face, making Nagisa's heart start to race.
She tells her that she wants to take of her as if she was her younger sister, Nagisa squirming a bit. Shizuma declares Nagisa her little sister, and that she is to call her “oneesama.” If Nagisa breaks this promise, she'll punish her, biting Nagisa's finger a bit in order to underscore her threat.

As petals fall, Chiyo looks out the window of a classroom, clutching a broom. She wonders where Nagisa is and what she's doing at the moment. Tightening her grip on the broom, she has a hunch that something wonderful will happen tomorrow. Someone outside the classroom calls to Chiyo, saying that she's on for library duty. Chiyo calls back that she'll be right there.

Shizuma asks Nagisa if she remembers that tomorrow will be Easter, saying that it's a joyous day for Catholics.
She explains that that's why the both of them are out to get holy water, so it can be split among the classes. Nagisa asks if the church is located in Maiden Park, behind the school. Shizuma, somewhat surprised by this, questions Nagisa if she's ever been there. Nagisa confirms that she hasn't. Slyly smiling, Shizuma infers that this most likely means Nagisa's never heard of the “Secret Garden.” Puzzled, Nagisa repeats the phrase. Shizuma offers to take Nagisa on a date to Maiden Park, saying that it'll be fun.

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  • Tamao Suzumi
  • Chiyo Tsukidate

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  • Nagisa Aoi
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