The Girls' Garden is the first chapter of the first volume and the first chapter overall of the Strawberry Panic! manga. It was written by Sakurako Kimino and illustrated by Namuchi Takumi.

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Nagisa Aoi makes her way to St. Miator Girls' Academy. After getting lost on her way to Astraea Hall, she meets Shizuma Hanazono, who welcomes her and offers to help Nagisa find the dorms.

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Shizuma and an unnamed girl are in a garden at St. Miator. Shizuma tells the unnamed girl that they can no longer be together. The unnamed girl starts crying, saying that she still wishes to be with her. Shizuma admits that she's quite sad as well, but gently and firmly reminds the unnamed girl of just who she's talking to. The unnamed girl apologizes while blowing her nose into a handkerchief. Falling to the grass, the unnamed girl tells Shizuma that their time together filled her with happiness and joy, and that it's unquestionable to ask for anything more. Shizuma gives the unnamed girl her thanks before walking away, leaving the unnamed girl behind.

Nagisa admires her new uniform in front of her bedroom mirror, holding it up against her body. She hopes that wearing it will make her seem more mature.
Starting to pull on her cheeks, she laments that her childish face won't exactly help with this endeavor. However, she is happy that her smile is still very cute, showing it off to the mirror. Noticing the time on her bedroom's clock, she rushes down the stairs, already in uniform. While stopping to put on her shoes at her houses entrance, her mother worries over if she'll be able to take take of herself,
citing Nagisa's absentminded and clumsy nature. Nagisa tells her mother that even if that's true, she still needs to give it a shot. After bidding her mother farewell, Nagisa assures her that everything will be alright.

While walking down a somewhat barren sidewalk, Nagisa thinks that things are looking up for her, based on the beautiful day. She knows that her knowledge about God is limited, but she does think that someone must be looking out for her, because of the good weather.

She catches her reflection while passing by a building window. Complimenting herself, she starts to twirl, attracting the attention of a couple of passersby. When she realizes that someone might see her underwear, she quickly stops.

On the train, Nagisa thinks that today marks a new beginning to her school life. Over shots of train doors, a walkway to the school, and a few students, Nagisa thinks that, even though her new school may be above her station,
she has a hunch that many exciting moments are waiting for her. Now in front of the school, Nagisa says a little greeting to St. Miator. As petals fall, Shizuma laments that the unnamed girl hadn't helped filled the void in her heart. She walks passed a couple of underclassmen who eagerly great her. She smiles at them while wondering when she started to feel this way.
This reflects on how nothing she's done or anyone she's met has been able to help. She sighs and then thinks that there has to be someone who can fill the void. Nagisa is running down a path, panting and commenting about the large school grounds. As she ponders where her dormitory is, she catches a glimpse of Shizuma, who is leaning against a tree. She starts to walk towards Shizuma, calling out to her and asking where the dorms are. Shizuma, shrouded in shadow, asks Nagisa who she is. Nagisa introduces herself, explains that she's a transfer student, and that she's supposed to move into the dorms today.
Shizuma says that she had heard that there was going to be a new student. Shizuma smiles then welcomes Nagisa.

Nagisa gazes at Shizuma in awe, amazed at how beautiful Shizuma is. Shizuma offers Nagisa one of her hands and says that she will help guide Nagisa to the dorms.

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