Suzumi Tamao is a secondary character in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Ai Shimizu. She is usually left out and neglected, even though she tries very hard to satisfy everyone's needs, especially for Aoi Nagisa.


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Tamao has a nice, helpful personality and sometimes enjoys gossiping about other people when it comes to matters of love and attraction. Nagisa and Tamao tend to be a lot alike, in that they are both usually filled with energy and share a lot of the same interests.

Highly literate, she is a member of the Literature Club and loves to write poems, she wrote the script for Astraea's adaption of Carmen. She is well-regarded among her fellow Miator students; many of the first-years see her as a viable Etoile candidate.


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Aoi NagisaEdit

She is Nagisa's roommate. She is the first person Nagisa gets to get to know at the school and Tamao even helps Nagisa by showing her around the campus by introducing her to several of the other students as well as visiting the campus buildings. After an interesting introduction, Tamao early on showed interest in Nagisa and it quickly became apparent that she has a crush on her, which eventually turned into love. It is this attraction she has that gives her a sense of determination to be around Nagisa. Unfortunately for Tamao, Nagisa herself appears to remain oblivious to the depth of Tamao's feelings, and considers her only as a best friend throughout the series. Tamao often goes overboard with regards to her obsession with Nagisa, for example, calling her 'My Nagisa', scaring her just to capture her 'cute' screams on tape and taking full body measurements of her under the pretense of ordering a school uniform when, in a true desire, she just wants to write this 'precious data' in her notebook.


Suzumi Tamao character sheet


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