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Shion Tomori is a minor character in the Strawberry Panic! series. She is voiced by Hyo-sei.

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Personality Edit

The student council president of Spica, Shion is a very shrewd girl and is constantly scheming something, however, despite her initial demeanor, she is moderate in personality and rather disinclined towards extreme measures and outright obstructionism. This is in contrast to her associates Kaname Kenjō and Momomi Kiyashiki. After the current Etoile graduates, she would like very much for an attendant of Spica to become the next Etoile and is constantly pushing for this to take place. Her best bet right now is to try to convince Amane Ohtori to consider the position, though Shion has had much trouble already trying to convey this to her. When in student council meetings, she argues a lot with Miyuki Rokujō, the student council president from Miator, regarding Astraea matters and how the Etoile, who is from Miator, tends not to attend such meetings. In such meetings, she is able to express the dominant side of her personality, often becoming very animated.

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