Rokujo Miyuki is a secondary protagonist in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Noda Junko.


Miyuki has short blue hair and hazel eyes. She's quite tall and slim.


Miyuki is the student council president of Miator. She tries her best at doing her job in keeping everything in line. She appears to be businesslike, stern, and somewhat cold. Yet Miyuki can be very understanding and even quite sensitive; her best friend Hanazono Shizuma describes her as a crybaby.

As the student council president, Miyuki has several responsibilities to attend to. She has had to intervene into a few of Nagaisa's mistakes, making sure that she understands the rules of the school. When in student council meetings, Miyuki usually gets in disputes over Astraea matters with Tomori Shion, the student council president of Spica. And following the death of Sakuragi Kaori, Miyuki became the Etoile's assistant.


Miyuki promised to marry a man who was chosen by her parents after her birth.


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Hanazono ShizumaEdit

Often, when Shizuma neglects her duties as the Etoile, Miyuki gets annoyed at her and scolds her about it. This behavior makes the two seem more like a mother-child pair than as classmates. The two have been rooming together since they arrived at Miator years earlier, but their "parent-child" roles were initially reversed as Shizuma comforted the young homesick Miyuki. Nevertheless, the two seem to be close friends and have considerable knowledge of and insight into each other. After the death of Kaori, Miyuki has remained a confidante of some importance. At one point Shizuma asks Miyuki to always support her through Miyuki's unwavering loyalty. It is implied that Miyuki has unrequited feelings for Shizuma.

When Shizuma forcefully kisses Miyuki as a "joke", Miyuki sees this as cruel perhaps because she feels that this is betrayal against Kaori, which makes her slap Shizuma. Alternately Miyuki could have been hurt by the kiss because Miyuki was unable to act upon her romantic feelings for Shizuma, and Shizuma's forced kiss was a reminder of that restriction - especially once Shizuma says the kiss was a joke, implying that Shizuma does not have romantic feelings for Miyuki and thus rubbing salt into Miyuki's wound.

While she wishes for Shizuma to be happy and encourages her, Miyuki seems uncomfortable with Shizuma's relationship with Kaori and later Nagisa, albeit for different reasons. Eventually however, Miyuki appears to be happy with Shizuma's relationships once they seem to give Shizuma happiness.


Rokujo Miyuki character sheet


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