Byakudan Kagome is a secondary character in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Yukari Fukui.


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Kagome seems very childish since she carries around a teddy bear named Percival everywhere she goes and talks to him constantly, even referring to him as if he were a real person. She is soft-spoken and seems rather sad and lonely at times because she doesn't seem to know a lot of people or have many friends. She is passive in that she often speaks through Percival, saying things such as 'Percival thinks..', rather than 'I think...' She becomes friends with Minamoto Chikaru, Hyuga Kizuna and Natsume Remon after following them around for a while and gradually becoming a member of their tight-knit group. She is apparently also fond of Aoi Nagisa, who she refers to as Nagisa-onee-sama, due to an incident between them which involved an umbrella. She seems to have a high degree of artistic abilities, as is shown when she is building a sand castle, or acting as Romeo Montague in Romeo and Juliet. She also seems to have a heightened perception of others' emotions and can tell when those around her are deeply distraught or in emotional pain.

Kagome is a very taciturn, shy girl. Her constant companion is a teddy bear named Percival. She treats him like a real man speaks, and speaks with him in his place. Kagome is often underestimated due to her passive behavior, but Chikaru suspects that she has more to offer than is apparent.Over time they became friends with Kizuna and Remon. Soon after, they emerge only in the trio and also Tsukidate Chiyo and Okuwaka Tsubomi are also one of the party.


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Byakudan Kagome character sheet


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